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November - Calgary, Canada

8.30 AM - 4:30 PM MDT

Momentum Masters
CAD 997/ person

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November - Red Deer, Canada

8.30 AM - 4:30 PM MDT

Momentum Masters
CAD 997/ person

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Format: Intensive Workshop


Session 1 - Deep Dive into Shaping Destiny:
- Workshop on Clarifying Strengths, Talents & Purpose.
- Crafting Core Values, Vision Statement, and Story Summary.

Session 2 - Mastering Creating Legacy:
- Training on defining Objectives.
- Hands-on workshop on crafting S.M.A.R.T. Goals for each objective.

Session 3 - Introduction to Making Change - Creating Winning Habits:
- Overview of Aligning Annual Goals.
- Introduction to Monthly Plans.

Closing, feedback, and Q&A session.

Transformation: In this workshop, you'll move from a basic understanding of legacy to a profound appreciation and skill in crafting one, experiencing hands-on mastery in aligning your objectives and goals.

Empowering you to move beyond surface-level aspirations and towards actionable, impactful objectives for your life.

09:00 AM - 09:30 AM


Pricing Details

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Momentum Masters
CAD 997/ person
Navigating Success On Purpose
1 Day Workshop + Coaching
Purpose Lab
Strengths, Talents, Purpose & Vision clarity.
Mission Matters
Vision, Mission, and Objectives aligned with Purpose
Create Grit
Learn and apply resilience building strategies
Downloadable Templates
Downloadable Annual Year Planner aligned with your Goals and Objectives
Additional Templates
Access to collection of templates, from goal-setting worksheets to strategic planning guides
Basic plan
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Business plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Momentum Masters offers a comprehensive framework to guide you through shaping your destiny, clarifying your purpose, and mastering life-changing habits. Through a curated journey, you’ll develop a clear vision, align it with actionable objectives, and cultivate resilience to stay committed to your purpose-driven path.

Absolutely. The course is designed to cater to both emerging leaders and established entrepreneurs. Its strategies and insights will help you realign, refine, and rejuvenate your purpose and vision, regardless of your current stage.

Our course leverages the unique Momentum Masters which interweaves destiny, purpose, and habits mastery. The experiential workshop format ensures participants don’t just learn, but actively craft and align their visions and objectives during the sessions.

We understand the demands of leadership and entrepreneurship. If scheduling is an issue, reach out to us, and we’ll explore flexible options or future workshop dates to accommodate you.
Absolutely! Our commitment extends beyond the workshop. Participants can engage in a Q&A session at the end and will have access to exclusive resources and support post-workshop.
By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a tangible vision aligned with actionable objectives. You’ll be equipped with strategies to stay resilient and aligned with your goals, ensuring you remain on your purpose-driven journey.
There aren’t any specific prerequisites. Whether you’re just starting out or are deep into your leadership journey, this workshop is designed to offer valuable insights and strategies to further your purpose-driven mission.
Our workshop is meticulously structured based on real-life challenges faced by leaders and entrepreneurs. The hands-on nature ensures participants actively work on their visions and goals, making it highly effective. Systems are only effective if you build habits to support them.
The investment covers the entire workshop, resources, and post-workshop support. There aren’t any hidden costs. Any additional materials or resources, if recommended, will be purely optional.
Our course isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s about immersion and application. With a unique blend of destiny shaping, legacy creation, and change-making sessions, participants actively work on their visions and objectives, ensuring they walk away with tangible outcomes and a clear path forward.

Navigate the Maze of Decisions with Precision.

Experience the triumph of a vision realized, a destiny achieved, and a change made.

Everyone Arrives somewhere in life, a few people arrive on purpose. The Arrive on Purpose system helps you win in business and life!
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