You Have No More Time to Live the Wrong Life

Unlock Your Purpose: Thrive in Life, Lead with Vision, Do Business with Intent.

Destiny Shaper

Unearth your innate talents and strengths to craft a vision that's undeniably you, paving your path to purpose.

Legacy Creator

Fuse your mission with purposeful objectives, ensuring every step you take imprints a lasting legacy.

Change Maker

Master habits with purpose at their core, turning every routine into a strategic move towards your ultimate goals.

The Wrong Life Continues to Dominate

Leaving you with regret and a sense of unfulfilled potential

Unclear Direction

Lack a clear vision, leading to uncertainty in decision-making.

Routine Challenges

Daily routines are disjointed and fail to align with the broader vision

Unfocused Habits

Misaligned actions with the Purpose, Vision and Mission.

Drifting Aimlessly

Outcomes fall short of the desired level of success and impact

Navigate the maze of decisions and distractions with clarity. It's time to 'Arrive on Purpose'.

The Success Navigator Workshops

Transform from uncertain to unstoppable.

What can you expect:

Vision Clarity

Leaders gain a crystal-clear vision, guiding decisions with precision.

Adaptive Mindset

Learn to adapt to changes for continuous improvement.

Long-Term Strategy

Success is pursued while considering the long-term legacy.

Focused Habits

Missions are aligned with the vision, nurturing a success pathway.

Meticulous Planning

Learn to set objectives to leave a lasting impact.

Exponential Results

Outcomes will exceed expectations, creating a significant impact.

Routine Mastery

Create winning routines that align seamlessly with the broader vision.

A Systematic Solution for:

Leaders Seeking Clarity

Individuals with Vision

Driven Entrepreneurs

Professionals Craving Progress

You Don’t Rise to the level of Your Goals, You Fall to the Level of Your Systems

James Clear

Are you ready to Arrive on Purpose

We believe in taking action and creating change. Learn how to set goals and create powerful habits for life-long success. Arriving successfully isn’t just about setting goals, it needs a systematic approach to getting you there.

Choose Your Course

Decide between our 2 workshops based on where you are in your journey.

Engage Deeply

Attend our immersive sessions, filled with actionable insights and strategies.

Experience Transformation

Implement the 'Arrive on Purpose' methodologies and witness tangible results in life, leadership, and business.

Choose your Arrive on Purpose Plan

Momentum Masters
CAD 997/ person
Navigating Success On Purpose
1 Day Workshop + Coaching
Purpose Lab
Strengths, Talents, Purpose & Vision clarity.
Mission Matters
Vision, Mission, and Objectives aligned with Purpose
Create Grit
Learn and apply resilience building strategies
Downloadable Templates
Downloadable Annual Year Planner aligned with your Goals and Objectives
Additional Templates
Access to collection of templates, from goal-setting worksheets to strategic planning guides
Basic plan
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Save 20% with the annual plan
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Business plan
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Save 20% with the annual plan
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Introducing your Facilitator

From his meticulous days in aircraft engineering to steering strategies as a Chief Information Officer, Terence's journey fuses the precision of Japanese project management with the dynamism of entrepreneurship as a certified business coach with Business Made Simple.

An expert in Strategic Leadership Development and Business Alignment, he provides valuable insights on building resiliency.

Terence's workshops are pivotal and transformative.

Join in, and lets chart your path to excellence.

If You Don’t Persevere to Create Order in Your Life, Chaos will Dominate

Get Your Profile Score

Journey to Significance

"Journey to Significance Profile" will guide you through an insightful exploration of your alignment, planning, and habits.


Clarify Vision, Define Objectives, Create Habits & Arrive on Purpose

As a leader, inspire with clarity.

Move away from vague aspirations and towards aligned, purpose-driven living.

Everyone Arrives somewhere in life, a few people arrive on purpose. The Arrive on Purpose system helps you win in business and life!
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